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Collaborative. Creative. Construction.

Collaborative. Creative. Construction.


The tagline above says it well. I offer a slightly different approach to construction, with a focus on collaboration and creativity. I like working with my clients (who eventually become friends). I’m pleased to offer my ideas, I have good insights into making the most of your space and budget. But more importantly, I want to make sure I’m fulfilling your vision, your goals.

I only take on projects I can do primarily by myself. That ensures we are not waiting on someone else to show up. That doesn’t mean just small projects. I‘ve done 900 sf apartments, large bathrooms and kitchens. I have excellent plumbers, electricians and concrete folks I work with, when needed – but I do the rest, from start to finish.

Speaking of finish – when I commit I will be there every day and finish more quickly than you can conceive. Below is one of my favorite kitchen projects (kindly put to music by my client and friend, Lara Woodham.) Total completion time, from start to finish – 3 weeks!

I am bi-vocational (not weird at all, I promise). My other primary job is speaking for a living. Go to my other website,, to see! With that in mind, I do construction because I love it. It’s nice to get my hands dirty. Just as much as I love to speak, teach and see the effects – I love to build something that will last – something you will be proud of and enjoy for years.

The best part of life is when someone speaks well of you behind your back. Any one of the folks you see with the projects below will be glad to serve as references.

Please feel free to contact me. I can come by, we will discuss your project

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